Our Services

Listing Properties

From home evaluation to open houses, we help stage and market your property, show it off to prospective buyers, negotiate offers and close the deal.

Hunting Properties

Hunting down properties that suit your needs and preferences to guiding you with the whole home buying process, we will be your go-to resource.

Family Viewing House

Investors and Flippers

Flipping is most strongly associated with real estate, hunting down properties to flip and stage it create a new home and list the property on the market.

Vacation Property Management

Free up your time by letting us help you manage your rental property. Everything works in tandem to maximize revenue for our homeowners.


Relocating for a job? Let us help you hunt your perfect place to stay.

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Are you interested in buying your first home, and want to talk about the process? Scared you can't afford a broker? Fear not. I can show you what's really happening. A good first step is booking a call with me and getting your free copy of my book, Complete Guide To Buying A Home!

Maybe you're thinking of becoming a broker yourself and want to know what the career is like. As a real estate coach, I help guide new agents toward successful agencies and habits. Book a Free Zoom consultation with Kitty today! Or call/text 828-608-0600.