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About Kitty Savage

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Kitty Savage is a local broker, Marketing Director of Thomas School of Real Estate, and owner of Mountain Heir Media LLC and Downtown Smiles. She not only helps sellers catch the greatest return on their investments and buyers hunt down the properties of their dreams, she also nurtures new brokers on the scene, consults for global businesses and builds their websites, and owns Asheville's top rated teeth whitening studio. In the past, you may have met Kitty as a concert promoter and event planner. She has a Bachelor's in Media Art and a Master's in Global Marketing Communications and Advertising from Emerson College in Boston, MA where she grew up flipping abandoned homes and managing rental properties with her family's real estate business (Savage & Associates) and working with investors to scout and contract properties to flip in hot markets across the nation. Kitty has lived in Asheville on and off since 2008. For hobbies, Kitty is a singer/songwriter, artist, and loves walking her dog by the river. Her comprehensive background in media production, promotions, marketing and advertising, combined with a patient, encouraging and analytical mindset, make her a triple threat in the pool of local area REALTORS(tm) to work with. Connect with Kitty about listings and real estate education, and snag her free book, The Complete Guide to Home Buying, via